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Buchholz Relay (For oil filled transformers)

Catalog for Magnetic switch type
Buchholz relay with magnetic switch 80mm
Catalog for Mercury switch type 25-80mm, and oil surge relay
Buchholz relay with mercury switch
Magnetic Oil level Gauge
Catalog for size 100mm-150mm
Oil level indicator with micro switch 150mm
Pressure Relief Valves
Catalog for size 150mm
Pressure relief valve 150mm
Catalog for size 70mm
Pressure relief valve 70mm
Radiator Valves
Catalog for square flange 80 and 100mm Radiator valve with plane flange
Catalog for Butterfly valve size 50, 80, 100, 150, 200, 250mm Butterfly valve with grooved flange

For products according to international standards and specifications, please visit the website of our sister concern www.viatin.com

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