Pressure relief valve 150mm

Radiator valve with plane flange

Buchholz relay with magnetic switch 25mm

Butterfly valve with plane flange

Buchholz relay with magnetic switch 80mm

Pressure relief valve 70mm













About Us
atvus industries
An ISO registered company
  • Atvus is one of the main suppliers to over 200 transformer manufacturers in India. We are approved by most electricity boards, utilities and consultants in the country.
  • We are a ISO certified company
  • Due to high volumes our overheads are one of the lowest in the iindustry. Thus prices are competitive even though Quality is assured.
  • Simple product design, robusrt construction and high quality standards offer maintainence free protection for the life of the transformer.
  • Continious product development besed on 35 years of customer interaction and on-site experience has resulted in fail-safe reliability, suitable for Indian conditions.
  • In house testing facilities for all routine and most type tests. We test each instrument and provide induvidual test certificates.
  • Ex stock delivery of most models at all times
  • A competent and active sales team is always at your service


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atvus industries


Buchholz relay with mercury switch

Radiator valve with grooved flange

Butterfly valve with grooved flange


Oil level indicator with micro switch 100mm

Oil level indicator with micro switch 150mm